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EssentiallySports is hiring for a remote fresher entry level Data Analyst job

Position: Data Analyst Company: EssentiallySports Location: India Job Type: Full-time Job Mode: Remote Job Requisition ID: Not specified Years of Experience: 0-2 years Company Description: EssentiallySports is a dynamic digital-first sports media house that started its journey in 2014. The company is committed to delivering captivating sports stories that resonate with fans, focusing on America’s favorite sports. Launch Year: 2014 Digital-first Approach: Focus on delivering sports stories from a fan's perspective Global Reach: One of the leading sports media websites worldwide Target Audience: America’s favorite sports enthusiasts Monthly Users: Over 40 million Monthly Pageviews: Exceeds 100 million Objective: Enhance the global sports experience for fans Profile Overview: Job Responsibilities: Data Ownership: Complete ownership of data-related tasks within EssentiallySports Decision Making: Making critical data decisions and ensuring successful user engagement Collaborati

Capgemini is hiring for an entry level Data Analyst

Position: Data Analyst Company: Capgemini Location: Noida Job Type: Permanent Job Mode: Full-Time / Onsite Job Requisition ID: 22467-en_US Years of Experience: 1 - 4 years Company Description: Global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation Offers a broad range of services including strategy, technology, and operations Known for its innovative approach and commitment to sustainable growth Employs a diverse workforce dedicated to delivering value for clients Focuses on fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment Headquartered in Paris, France, with operations in multiple countries Provides opportunities for career growth and professional development Promotes a culture of learning and continuous improvement Recognized for its expertise in various industry sectors Committed to delivering exceptional client service and outcomes Profile Overview: Responsible for interacting with business users to understand their requirements Performs en

Bright Money is hiring for a Data Analyst Intern

Position: Data Analyst Intern Company: Bright Money Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Job Type: Internship Job Mode: On-site Job Requisition ID: Not Specified Years of Experience: Not Specified Company Description: Bright Money is a consumer fintech company focused on helping Americans reduce debt using data science and machine learning. Bright Money offers a mobile app that integrates various tools for managing and eliminating debt. Tools available on Bright Money include: Credit score building Automated debt paydown plans Financial planning Budget planning tools Refinance loans The app supports various types of loans including: Credit cards Student loans Car loans The company has experienced significant growth: 6x growth in the last year 300,000 users Over 100,000 ratings and reviews Bright Money is financially backed by major venture capital funds: Sequoia Falcon Edge Hummingbird Total funding raised to date exceeds $40 million Recently raised an additional $50 million in debt f

PayPal is hiring for a Data Analyst

Position: Data Analyst Company: PayPal Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India Job Type: Full-time Job Mode: In-office (Onsite) Job Requisition ID: R0113635 Years of Experience: 2+ years Company Description: Overview : PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) is a leading global digital payments platform. Aims to empower every individual to participate fully in the global economy. Revolutionizes commerce by making money transfers, selling, and shopping more personalized and secure. Operates in approximately 200 markets worldwide, supporting both consumers and businesses. Committed to building an equitable and inclusive global economy. Values financial, physical, and mental health, offering comprehensive benefits and resources. Mission : To innovate and create seamless, secure, and personalized financial experiences. Strives to enhance customer experience through cutting-edge technology. Encourages a collaborative and inclusive work environment. Profile Overview: Role : Seeking a data-driven, outcome-focuse

adidas is hiring for an entry level Junior Data Analyst (in Data Engineering)

Position: Title: Junior Data Analyst Company: Brand: adidas Location: City: Gurgaon State: HR Country/Region: IN Job Type: Contract Type: Full-time Job Mode: TEAM: Data & Analytics Job Requisition ID: Number: 513485 Years of Experience: Minimum Experience: 1+ year in Data Engineering Company Description Global Leader: adidas is a leading sports brand, known for its innovative products and commitment to sustainability. Mission-Driven: The company is dedicated to helping athletes perform their best by providing high-quality sportswear and equipment. Innovative Culture: At adidas, innovation is key, with a strong focus on research and development to continuously improve their offerings. Diverse Workforce: Emphasizes diversity and inclusion, ensuring a workplace where all employees feel valued and respected. Environmental Commitment: Prioritizes sustainability, aiming to reduce its environmental footprint through eco-friendly practices. Community Engagement: Actively inv

Thermo Fisher Scientific is recruiting for a fresher entry level Data Science Analyst

Position: Data Science Analyst Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India / Mumbai, MH, India Job Type: Full-time Job Mode: Hybrid Job Requisition ID: R-01248526 Years of Experience: 0-3 years Company Description: About Thermo Fisher Scientific: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the global leader in serving science, generating approximately $40 billion in annual revenue. Their mission is to empower customers to create a healthier, cleaner, and safer world. Their clients include researchers accelerating life sciences, laboratories improving productivity, and manufacturers developing life-changing therapies. They offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies and pharmaceutical services. Their industry-leading brands include Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services, Patheon, and PPD. They strive for a diverse, inclusive environment valuing different talents and experiences. Their work culture emphasize

Data Analytics Intern hiring at The Sleep Company

Position: Data Analytics Internship Company: The Sleep Company Location: Mumbai Job type: Internship Job mode: Full-time (in-office) Job requisition id: N/A Years of experience: N/A Company Description India's leading comfort innovation company Creator of the revolutionary patented SmartGRID mattress Founded in 2019 by Priyanka Salot and Harshil Salot, both IIM Calcutta alumni Mission: revolutionize sleep experiences worldwide SmartGRID technology aims to provide superior support, comfort, and durability Product line includes: Mattresses Adjustable beds Office chairs Pillows Bedding accessories Innovative approach to comfort and wellness Dedicated to enhancing sleep quality Profile Overview Passionate about data and analytics Dynamic role as a Data Analytics intern Opportunity to work with advanced tools and technologies: MS-Excel Power BI Python SQL Tableau Data Science Data Analytics Tasks and responsibilities: Collecting, cleaning, and analyzing large datasets Identifying trends

Equinix is hiring for a Data Scientist (Fresher / Entry Level)

Position: Data Scientist II Company: Equinix Location: Bangalore Job type: Full time Job mode: Onsite Job requisition id: JR-146309 Years of experience: 0+ years Company Description: Global Presence : Operates over 250 data centers worldwide. Digital Infrastructure : Provides a trusted platform for digital leaders to interconnect foundational infrastructure. Business Enablement : Facilitates scaling with agility and accelerating the launch of digital services. Sustainability Goals : Supports organizational sustainability objectives. Career Opportunities : Offers a collaborative environment with endless learning and growth possibilities. Diversity and Inclusion : Embraces diverse thoughts and contributions. Committed to an equitable work environment. Core Values : Equity in the workplace is vital to the company’s success. Profile Overview: Role Collaboration : Partners with business and IT communities. Data Accessibility : Ensures the right people access the right data at the right time is hiring for a fresher Associate Data Scientist role

Position: Associate Data Scientist Company: Location: India Job Type: Full-time Job Mode: Remote Job Requisition ID: N/A Years of Experience: 0-2 years Company Description: is a progressive company at the forefront of technological innovation. Specializes in cutting-edge solutions that leverage Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Employs a dedicated team of 51-200 professionals who are passionate about creating transformative data-driven solutions. Committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment, valuing each employee's unique contributions. Advocates for equal opportunity, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds and experiences. Encourages continuous professional development, supporting employees in their journey to enhance their skills and knowledge. Believes in the power of collaboration and innovation, striving to create a dynamic workplace where ideas thrive. Engages in a variety of innovative projects, aiming to sol

WPP is hiring for a fresher entry level Data Analyst job

Position: Data Analyst Company: WPP Location: Mumbai Job Type: Full-Time Job Mode: Hybrid Job Requisition ID: NA Years of Experience: 0-2 years (Entry level) Company Description: Innovative and Creative Focus: WPP is recognized as a leader in creative transformation. The company leverages creativity to foster better futures for people, the planet, clients, and communities. Global Presence: Boasts a robust network of over 115,000 skilled professionals across 110 countries. Headquarters situated in New York, London, and Singapore, with a significant corporate presence in major global markets. Comprehensive Service Offerings: Specializes in delivering transformative ideas and results. Provides integrated solutions in communications, experience, commerce, and technology. Prestigious Clientele: Collaborates with many of the world's largest companies and organizations. Clients include Ford, Unilever, P&G, Google, HSBC, the UN, and more. Commitment to Equality and Leadership: Ranked h